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We are OK.

The heat has been  a problem for Syd, it was 40 today at an apple Orchard we stopped to rest on, the workers said it’s a good 10% over normal. I gather it’s an El  Nino year, now why hadn’t we thought of that! I’d expected heat but a more gradual build up not straight in the oven, so no time for Syd to acclimatise.

Walking at night hasn’t been successful as Syd is too tired, even after resting most of the day. We walk a little, rest a lot, drink gallons, I keep having to knock on doors for water, my French has improved.

We hitched the last 2 km into Juillac this eve as Syd had had enough. Unfortunately it’s mostly road walking, the tarmac is too hot and the verges really prickly, only managed to walk at all today because we walked along the rows of apples. First night in s proper cam site, but it appears closed, all facilities shut and grass not mowed. But we are staying anyway.

Sorry no photos, phone battery too low to upload the few I have taken.


The shops won’t let Syd in here, they did last time, and I absolutely won’t leave him outside alone, so we are both desperate for yoghurt and bananas!  X


We set off this morning, well lunchtime in glorious sunshine. Luckily the first couple of hours were in the forest. With an extra chunk when we had to buy and send ack track. Because a cheman petered out and became impossible to follow

Syd as usual is raring to go and has enjoyed some lovely paddles. A good first day so far, only minor hassles from  a few bolshy farm dogs. Syd was a star and signaled very clearly that he came in peace. So we  made friends and carried on our way.


We have just collapsed for a rest in the shade after a very very long steep and windy climb, we have reached the highest point and I think it’s all down hill to Sarrazac, where we will rest and eat before heading off towards Lamouaille, and then look forward likely spot for rhe tent.

The ferry

I would like to thank Brittany ferries  we travelled from Portsmouth to le Havre on the night crossing. No leaving poor Syd in the van, we  had a ‘dog friendly’ cabin and slept the whole crossing.

I have to congratulate the company, the cabin certainly was dog friendly & Syd sends his heartfelt thanks, (he has emailed the company to thank them).





After a lovely few days with my friends Jane & Andrew in Le Horps. Meeting up with old friends Graham & Anita, who I enjoyed many a walk with on Ashdown Forest, many years ago, and an interesting visit to meet Peter and Anita Edwards who run a lovely little rescue alongside their companion animal centre.

Tomorrow we are off to the Twilight Sanctuary  in La Peyzie, North Dordogne, ready to start walking on Tuesday.

Are we excited – yes and a little nervous, but raring to go.