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All wrapped up

I’ve wrapped Syd in my waterproof jacket so he doesn’t get soaked, despite my best efforts, without pegs & proper guy ropes, the tent is sagging inwards, we are going to get decidedly damp tonight 🙁 ,  but at least I know Syd will stay dry.

No hammers here

10155921_10151964206412680_1968076248076358711_nTime for bed, a bit late, but concrete floors & tents don’t suit each.other very well, thank god for lumps of stone, scaffold poles& timber lengths. Hopefully set up taught enough that we won’t get soaked in condensation overnight! Lol

Good Morning

What a gorgeous face to wake up to, telling me it’s breakfast time. We are letting his food go down, while the dew dries off the tent a bit & we shall pack up & begin walking again. We both slept really well, a bit chilly around 4 am, but I donned. Extra clothes & Syd had my jacket as a blanket – he wasn’t cold, but made me feel better. My rucksack carrying muscles are,a little stiff, so will be a slow start I expect.
Today’s big challenge ie to find somewhere to charge this phone, I seem to.have forgotten my battery back up & the solar, charger didn’t work, perhaps I need it plugged in to the phone while the sun’s out, not overnight ad I did last night,

Day 1

10177957_10151961060987680_805766737355683542_nToday has been a.good start. I very met some lovely people, and fabulous dogs. I really hadn’t realised just hoe long all.those conversations would take.

I learnt a lessen this morning, the hard way!

I shall call it ‘hiking rule no 1’

sydIf you trip over the dog when he suddenly stops right in front of you, whilst wearing a full rucksack, you will fall over hard & fast & there is nothing you can do!

I’m nursing a hole, and my knee, & a very sore hip. So I won’t be doing that again.

I have found a little secluded nook, to.put the tent in, aa little closer to a road than I would like, but it’s hidden & nicely sheltered.

Syd has had a lovely day & is now fast asleep beside me in the tent.
He has lead most of the day so.done many more than the 16 miles I’ve done. He is being quietly protective too which is nice.
Here he is, outside our first camp, waiting to go to bed.


Jessie joined our family in June 2012 and the time since then has flown – we can’t image life without her in it.

2013-04-20 18.35.13Jess has been taken in by Fionna when she was found straying at about 18 months old and was rehomed not long after. Unfortunately, four years later her new family had to bring her back to Lizzie’s Barn due to serious health issues, which meant they couldn’t give her the attention she deserved.

Despite all the change Jess has had to deal with, she settled in with us incredibly quickly – a testament to how relaxed she must have been at Lizzie’s Barn. That’s not to say she’s without her issues (recall? is that a real thing?!), but then neither are we, and we’ve all relaxed a lot over the years. As I write this she is sat on her chair (there’s no doubt as to ownership!) struggling to stay awake after scoffing down her tea. Perfection for her is an evening in front of the telly – us on our sofa, her on her chair (with the odd visit to us for an ear rub). It’s hard work I can tell you!