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Homes Needed

We always have dogs not yet listed here.

Due to the volume of calls we receive, to speed up your enquiry please make your initial enquiries by email. We will require you to complete our pre-adoption questionnaire.

If you really can’t email, then please telephone Fionna on 07976 538588

NB: You will not gain any advantage by telephoning, everyone needs to complete the pre-adoption questionnaire, dogs go to the best home for them, not the first to enquire.

These dogs are at the a Sanctuary, near Kidwelly, and you will need to travel to meet/ adopt , after our vetting procedures are completed satisfactorily.

All applicants will be vetted and will need to be able to travel to the Sanctuary near Kidwelly, South Wales.

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs please email us and we will send you our pre-adoption questionnaire

Important Note: It goes without saying that ALL dogs should be supervised around children, and ALL children should be taught how to behave with and around dogs. Tail pulling, poking, siting on or climbing on dogs is NEVER acceptable behaviour.

Some of our dogs:


Lucky is a Cavalier x Terrier. He is about 7 years old and STILL waiting for his forever home. He has been badly let down by humans at some point and has clearly been treated cruelly by someone, we believe it’s likely it was by a man, resulting in him needing time to trust new people. He needs a patient family ready to slowly build his confidence with them.

Lucky is fabulous with other dogs, he has lived with a child, but would prefer an adult home. His requirements are very simple, all he asks for is good food, a comfy bed (preferably yours), lots of cuddles, a soft armchair or sofa to share and plenty of country walks.

In return he will be the best friend you have ever had, he will be dependable and loyal, always pleased to see you no matter how much of a mess you look, he wont leave the toilet seat up, the lid off the toothpaste, nor steal your make up, loose the car keys or pee on your floor, AND he will act as an early warning system to alert you to potential dangers.

If you are interested please email us and we will send you our pre-adoption questionnaire.


Scrappy is a 5-6 year old male Cross-Breed. Scrappy would dearly love his very own home, he has been waiting for almost two years. He is a very friendly and affectionate young chap, but is territorial so needs proper introductions to strangers or new people when at home, mixes well with other dogs, but doesn’t like cats – his terrier handbook clearly states that must be expelled from the vicinity or exterminated.

He currently lives in the farmhouse with a bevy of terriers and two big dogs. He is clean indoors and not destructive. His previous owner had young grandchildren and he was good with them. However he didn’t live with them full time so will not rehome him with resident tots or under 10s.

Scrappy loves his home comforts and his favourite perch is on the back of the sofa or armchair pretending to be your scarf. Scrappy is at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly. After interrogation potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet / collect him.
If you are interested please email us and we will send you our pre-adoption questionnaire.



Can be homed together or as a pair

Alexander and Orlov are 2-3 year old male Cross-Breeds. They are super friendly Crossbreed boys are looking for a home together or individually. Originally from Portugal. They were found at just a few days old in a bin. They were hand reared along with some abandoned kittens. The lady who reared them tells me she had 17 cats, and as young pups the boys played happily amongst them. The groundwork with cats has clearly been done, and with careful introductions and supervision, I’m sure they could live with dog savvy cats again, though they have not seen cats now for a long time.

Brothers, they came to as a very bonded pair, they had spent some time kenneled prior to arrival so we’re quite wild indoors at first. They have calmed down a lot, and settle down nicely now – as long as everyone else does. But as young clowns they are prone to boisterous excited behaviour and if wound up.

The boys are clean indoors and have not been destructive, but if left unsupervised with cushions and small movable items I suspect they could become part of some pretty exciting games. ( only what one would expect from a couple of youngsters left alone to party).

They walk pretty well on a lead. Their recalls are good, but as sighthound type dogs we are selective about where they run free. They adore other dogs and love to play. The boys are living with dogs of all sizes. It would be lovely if they could stay together, but we are well aware training two dogs at once is hard work, and they can be a handful, so will consider applications for individual homes. Ideally if separated there will already be at least one other resident dog. The boys are very friendly and will make lovely family dogs. However they may be a bit bouncy for toddlers unused to dogs.

Alexander And Orlov are living it up with Fionna and her pack at the Sanctuary, near Kidwelly, South Wales, whist they wait for their forever homes.

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Unless otherwise stated the dogs are at or close to the Sanctuary. All potential homes will be vetted and a set donation is payable upon adoption. Dogs will have been assessed and vet checked and, unless advised otherwise, will have been neutered, vaccinated as appropriate, micro-chipped etc prior to adoption. Potential adopters are expected to travel to Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary near Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire to meet/collect their chosen dog.

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