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Special Dogs

These are dogs who need that little bit extra.

Tommy & Jenny

tommy jenny

Meet the lovely father & daughter Tommy ( age 16) & Jenny (14).Their owner was unable to care for them any longer and had no family willing to help.
Breed & general rescues were contacted but unable to help – they were committed to helping puppies not old timers who would likely stick and block their rescue spaces. Some suggested euthanasia.

Tommy & Jenny are a lovely old pair. Both easy going and friendly. We are already more than a little bit in love.

They came with all their worldly possessions- namely one manky collar between them. They didn’t even have a grubby blanket smelling of home to reassure them.

They are both in need of a Spa day as I doubt they have seen a brush in years. We will groom them out gradually so as not to make them sore , and once they are settled give them nice warm baths.

I doubt they have ever been wormed – thats all. In hand.

Both are going to need dentals, to extract some spectacularly rotten teeth.

Surprisingly both have nice fluid movements and don’t appear to have problems with arthritis though we will get them on supplements to supports those old joints.

We have decided that in view of their great age, & that they nothing, apart from a manky collar to call their own, that they can post their letter to Santa early. So here it is:

Dear Santa

We have always tried our best to be good, we probably weren’t all that good because you never came to call.

Hopefully this year we have succeeded in goodness and maybe you will answer our our call – if not we understand we haven’t quite made the grade and will keep trying.

If we are up to speed please first of all make sure all the dogs in the world are loved as we are now.

After that please can we have soft fleecy harness & smart collars and double ended leads to show off when we go out walking because we will be doing lots of that now we are loved again.

If you have room a giant squashy waterproof bed, ( we like share), with a removable cover for washing would be heaven. ( im pretty certain we will get mucky when out having new adventures – Jenny ).

Yumove to support our old joints.

We need a few basics too, so maybe if you have friends who don’t know what to buy people for Christmas they might like to sponsor us for those needs.

We need wormers ( Advocate please as we probably have lots of non fare paying passengers – Tommy).

Some tough toys.

A Hurtta Extreme Warmer coat each ( apparently the most durable & suitable for here – Tommy)

We are pretty sure our vet bills for the deals alone are going to be pretty humongous- we may also have other bills with the vets when they check us over, so our people would definately appreciate that.

Lots of wags & locks

Tommy & Jenny

Ps. We would love a forever home of our own, but are happy here and they said we can stay forever if need be.


Rosie Bulldog at vets

They may have health issues, (like Rosie, above who has just had Spinal surgery and currently  has Vets bills of almost £7,000), or behaviour problems, or have suffered from to severe neglect or abuse.

We don’t re-home hundreds of dogs like many rescues, that is because most of the dogs we take are the harder to home dogs, the old, sick, naughty, neglected, elderly and abused. Dogs that are simply less attractive to adopters, many referred on to us by other organisations as problematic in one way or another. So we don’t have a fast re-homing rate and steady cash flow coming in. In fact we rarely cover costs.

Our most famous dog is Bobby the little Chihuahua from Battersea Dogs Home, who was  featured on the Paul O’Grady POG dogs show. Bobby  came to us a  tiny ball of anger and mistrust,  he bought a thunder shirt, a tray of Marmite, Peanut butter and dehydrated potato for stuffing Kong’s, oh and a  box of tennis balls and old leads. That is all the support that came with him.

After a few months of rehabilitation, Bobby was able to be rehomed. Of course most of our dogs are not as cute or appealing as little Bobby.

This is where you all come in. Please if you can donate to our veterinary fund, this is our biggest single expense.  We and the dogs will be eternally grateful.

Many people do nothing believing they cant do enough. BUT, if everyone could   donate just a little, you will collectively be doing so much.

If 3000 people donate £2 each the total would be £6,000

If 3000 donate £5 each the total would be £15,000

Imagine if that could happen every month? We could help so many more, all for the price of a couple of cups of coffee

Please donate whatever you can and help us to help Tommy, Jenny, Rosie and dogs  like her. You can donate via Paypal – our Paypal address [email protected]

You can donate via Paypal , ( please mark as a gift, then they don’t take fees).


Or via Direct bank payments
Our account is with HSBC
Account name: Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary
Account number: 31153064
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By cheque payable to ‘Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary’
Or good old fashioned cash.


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