13th May part two

We have turned into cowards, last night I met a lovely French / Portuguese family. I stopped to ask I’d the campsite a few km down the road ( not the direction I needed to go in if shut), was open. The heavens opened AGAIN, & they kindly invited us in to shelter from the rain storm & called the campsite to check. We  made very welcome by this lovely family. They called the campsite & booked us in, arranging that the owner would meet us at 6pm. They enjoyed looking at the website & blog, & i believe made a donation.
When the rain didn’t let up, they even called a friend to run us to the campsite,  ( which turned out to be over 6km further on not the 200m ( 4 x 50m the family believed).
On arrival I discovered that somewhere down the line translation went awol & they told the owner we wanted a chalet – Syd made a very quick executive decision that he wasn’t keen to erect a sopping wet tent in the rain AGAIN, & then sleep in it, so we let the error remain (apparently no tents accepted till June 1st anyway),  so we would have had to walk off & find a tent sized spot elsewhere.


Notice blue sky – temporary judging by the clouds I can see heading this way fast!

May be the best 50€ we spend, & as I’ve only paid for one night in a campsite so far, (€2.50), not bad.
So for one night & untill 11am tomorrow, yes we are having a lie in,  we have a roof, heaters, a bed, sofa,  space to dry everything – but it seems no water- so bang goes a hot shower & washing some clothes.  The owner put the boiler on, but seems she forgot to turn the water on, nothing is coming from the taps 🙁 unless it only works when the water is hot?
Oh well can’t have it all. We do have enough drinking water with us. Look how content Syd is!


Right off to ask the neighbours if they know how to make the water come on…wonder what language they speak?

2 thoughts on “13th May part two”

  1. Fionna, cowards you are NOT. … Please don’t feel bad about giving yourself a little bit of luxury. You can’t keep up that hard slog all the time. Hope you enjoyed a lie in in your comfortable bed and hope the water got sorted. Take care xxx

  2. Well done you! You deserve a little bit of luxury and Sydney looks really happy! Stay safe x
    Naomi,Zebeedee,Alfie and Dai x

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