15th April

I guess it’s goodbye Wales, & hello England!
We have crossed the bridge & are  having our breakfast break in the sun. Here are some pictures from on the way across

Syd & I are musing.over our first Impressions of England, sadly we had to agree, not very friendly. No ‘good morning’s, no cheery ‘hello’, smiles or even waves – except two cyclists ( but they came from the Welsh side, & ride across & back everyday to keep fit, so don’t count).
First time we had trouble buying a coffee – “you can’t bring a dog in here “ the assistant said, ” tie him up.outside” I asked if they allowed children in, “of course we do” she replied. I pointed out children are far less hygenic, & asked if it was acceptable to tie a 3 year old up outside? “absolutely not” she said, adding “someone could harm the child if you did that”. point made I told her, now if I can’t bring Syd in- would you please be kind enough to fetch me a coffee for myself, & a sandwich for Syd? – “but I can’t do that” she said “we are not allowed to do a customers shopping”

A couple of happy pictures from Wales yesterday.

Time to quit this relaxing lark & get moving!