16th April

Yesterday was no fun, today is going to be loads better.

An enormous thank you to Lisa Thrower & her husband for rescuing us, feeding & putting us up last night.

We will soon be off again along the cycle path running from Bath to Salisbury.


A lovely start today. A cup of tea from a canal house boat.
And we met a lovely Podenco -one of the types of dog we are doing this for.

We averaging very slow progress, we keep meeting really interesting people.

I like boat people. The ones we have met have all travelled widely, here & abroad. They aren’t shackled physically or emotionally. They have opened their eyes to our world & its imperfections, yet they haven’t given up on it.

I’m also shocked at how hard it can be to live their life – not the actual living in a houseboat. But the red tape the authorities place in their way. Some tell me the preference is for holiday rental companies to have priority over moorings, as this is what brings in the money. I wonder if some fat cat is creaming in the bribes again? Gestapo Britain again.

Ok so a no fishing sign, that’s not unusual, but a NO “FISH” SIGN?
Has to be the oddest sign I’ve ever seen

I’ve been offered a stop for the night with the lovely Kate, from Lab rescue, in Southwick, so that will be our finish for today.