17th May

A huge thankyou to all who have donated to our cause so far.
I have refrained from.taking pictures of the towns & buildings because so many of the shots of the beautiful old buildings would be ruined by modern signs & cars blocking the views & completely ruin the memories. But if interested, please ‘Google’ the places & look at photos online

Ok I’m having a few days of laziness staying with a lovely couple, & their 4 dogs, near Civray, and exploring a little of the local area.
Thankyou Chris & Ann.

Yesterday we went for a ‘normal’ dog walk. I felt so much taller without a rucksack on my back. Syd nominated himself as personal trainer to the four, and ran & ran with them all in hot pursuit.
Later we are going a meet various animal rescues, at their annual book sale & then on to, (hopefully), replace my rucksack. Which despite being marketed for the job it’s doing is beginning to fall apart. 

I am hoping to get the pictures off my camera later so will post some here.

On a more serous front – after several somewhat dangerous days of road walking. I’m taking Anne’s offer to drive me past the next stretch of the same seriously, & for the sake of our safety, Syd & i will miss out a stretch of road when we set off again. I hope folk won’t think we are cheating. A friend has said it’s not cheating.it’s assistance, and downright sensible, after all what good are we splattered on a road in France! So  that’s the view we are taking.