19th May part 2

The good news :-am going to be able to get to my friends house near Mayenne, where I had hoped the replacement passport would be waiting.

The bad news :- Unfortunately the vet is refusing to issue a replacement Passport. Instead he has written a letter with the corrections. I have a horrible feeling this will not be acceptable, the passport is a stand alone document. So tomorrow I have to call DEFRA & pray they accept the letter is sufficient. If not, which quite frankly is the response I expect, having read the  guidelines issued to vets on pets passport completion. I will try & persuade DEFRA to contact him on my behalf – maybe the RCVS as well.
Really peed off about this extra & unnecessary hassle.

5 thoughts on “19th May part 2”

  1. Siro had to be redone because of a clerical error on his passport ! I was furious but he had to have another rabies jab !!!!!!!! They would not accept a letter of correction . But this was 3 years ago !!!

  2. Hi – just want to offer you any help we can (stop-over, accom, dog care, facilities, transport, etc) …read your plight and problems (have had similar passport errors). We live in North Mayenne/Normandy border – multi-dog home. You met my friend (June) at the booksale last w/e, and we have mutual friends in the UK (Anita & Graham – prev had springer Katie). Call us anytime:
    Good luck

    1. Hi I would love to.speak to you but struggling to get the number to work. Please could you let me have it as I should call from an English mobile. Thankyou

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