19th May

Disaster has struck.
Had a call last night to tell me Mick, who I run the Sanctusry with, has fallen & broken his hip. I’m waiting for more news, but it looks like I will have no.choice but to end the walk.
The lovely Sam, who has been being ‘ me’  is amazing, but it really isn’t fair for one person to be left running everything alone for another 6 weeks till I get back. I would imagine that at best Mick will be out of action for at least that long, and potentially longer.

I am absolutely gutted. Also don’t know how the heck I will get back. It seems that I can’t take Syd on buses or trains, he is too big. Also there is the small problem of Syds passport, I’m still waiting for the vet to issue the corrected replacement.

Oh well watch this space.

One thought on “19th May”

  1. Oh dear Fionna I am so sorry for you and for Mick. Any chance Chris from Ffos Las could lend a,helping hand for a,while?

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