1st May

Yesterday was, glorious, just like summer. We had a lovely day walking along the old railway path & really peaceful.

Made some new friends

We found a lovely spot to camp

Climbing the hill in Mayenne in search of coffee almost killed us both though, I don’t know why but when the ground surface changes it’s very tough on the calf muscles & makes my feet hurt – especially when it’s to a road surface.


The going has been tough today. We are walking along the river towards Laval, it rained hard in the night & its soaked the fine gravel path. It’s been like walking on soft sand. Add to that dodging fisherman & cyclists, trying to shelter from heavy rain showers & find good fishermen free swimming spots for Syd,  has meant we’ve only done about 18 km today.

That Syd is just so handsome

More new pals, this pair really did like Syd, it was kisses all round.

We stopped at a sort of a community cafe, with showers etc too. They offered me the bathroom to sleep in tonight as more heavy rain is likely. An odd bedroom, but it’s warm, dry & has lockable door. I could have used the open fronted barn, but as it’s a tiled floor I can’t pitch the tent & it would be a trifle exposed. I’ve used that to dry the tent. The lovely people have made me a glass.of coffee for the morning & are bringing me a fresh baguette, local cheese & tomatoes in the morning.