25th April

Syd & I are enjoying our break in France.
We have a vets appointment on Monday to sort out the problems with his Pet Passport before we continue. Due to the date he was microchipped having been completed as ‘ prior to vaccination’ I was advised at Portsmouth by the customs official (who had to make some calls before letting us through), that as it stands Syd won’t be allowed back into the UK, which also means I can’t return!
It seems sensible to rectify this prior to continuing our adventure. Hopefully the vet can fill it in properly. Sign.& stamp & all be ok.

2 thoughts on “25th April”

  1. If you come anywhere near us when you get down into SW France – Castanet 82160 – Nicky, Maya and I would love to see you. We can certainly give you somewhere to stay for a few days or just overnight. Bon voyage.


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