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We are OK.The heat has been  a problem for Syd, it was 40 today at an apple Orchard we stopped to rest on, the workers said it's a good 10% over normal. I gather it's an El  Nino year, now why hadn't we thought of that! I'd expected heat but a more gradual build up … Continue Reading ››
imageWe set off this morning, well lunchtime in glorious sunshine. Luckily the first couple of hours were in the forest. With an extra chunk when we had to buy and send ack track. Because a cheman petered out and became impossible to followSyd as usual is raring to … Continue Reading ››

The ferry

I would like to thank Brittany ferries  we travelled from Portsmouth to le Havre on the night crossing. No leaving poor Syd in the van, we  had a 'dog friendly' cabin and slept the whole crossing.I have to congratulate the company, the cabin certainly was dog friendly & Syd sends his heartfelt thanks, (he has emailed the … Continue Reading ››

24th May

Syd now has a new french passport- but no thanks to, The UK. Vet, who didn't fax the records as requested. . Luckily the vet accepted the info I could provide.So on the next hurdle, the English Channel

22nd May

I am absolutely gutted that I've had to suspend our walk. I have had some incredible adventures on the road & they have continued in our quest to get back to Wales. Thanks to some absolutely amazing people, opening their homes to us, & really going the extra mile,  we have seen bits of France we … Continue Reading ››

19th May

Disaster has struck. Had a call last night to tell me Mick, who I run the Sanctusry with, has fallen & broken his hip. I'm waiting for more news, but it looks like I will have no.choice but to end the walk. The lovely Sam, who has been being ' me'  is amazing, but it really … Continue Reading ››