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17th May

A huge thankyou to all who have donated to our cause so far. I have refrained from.taking pictures of the towns & buildings because so many of the shots of the beautiful old buildings would be ruined by modern signs & cars blocking the views & completely ruin the memories. But if interested, please 'Google' the … Continue Reading ››

13th May

Well more adventures en route, I mentioned we walked a few days with a pilgrim & her donkey. Well in Parthenay we had to walk through a doorway in the city wall into a monestry courtyard (now part museum). Well the donkey didn't fit!  She got stuck, her panniers were just too wide. Caused no … Continue Reading ››

6th May

We had a difficult couple of days. Got lost having been sent off down the wrong side of the river. Ran down the phone battery looking at maps to create an alternate route, and ended up doing an extra 15 miles or so to get back to the river without walking along any major roads. … Continue Reading ››

1st May

Yesterday was, glorious, just like summer. We had a lovely day walking along the old railway path & really peaceful.Made some new friendsWe found a lovely spot to campClimbing the hill in Mayenne in search of coffee almost killed us both though, I don't know why but when the … Continue Reading ››

29th April

After passport (Syd's ) hassles, can't be fixed here so having to get a new one sent out, we start walking again tomorrow.This is our approximate route   through France.  Subject to some variation here and there.  I'm aiming to pick up the grande randonnee 36 around Saumur and cross the pyrenees into  Spain on the Mediterranean side.Le Horps  Mayenne  Leval  Angers Saumur  Thouars  Parthenay  Angoulême Périgueux ( … Continue Reading ››

25th April

Syd & I are enjoying our break in France. We have a vets appointment on Monday to sort out the problems with his Pet Passport before we continue. Due to the date he was microchipped having been completed as ' prior to vaccination' I was advised at Portsmouth by the customs official (who had to … Continue Reading ››

19th April

Yesterday was another tough day, but the scenery was lovely, very tame. Or should I say 'cultivated', compared to some of the countryside we have come through, & almost all off road which was nice. Lots off off lead for Syd too, which went down nicely. A late finish, but a huge thank you to … Continue Reading ››