Chester Parsley-Quinn

“I have called pupsie, Chester Parsley-Quinn, (Chess). I like my pets to have surnames. Anyway, all is going well, Chester is getting better at going outside, but obviously we will have the odd accident, which doesn’t bother me at all.  Both dogs get on and Blaine

is letting Chester sleep whilst leaning on his back, he has become quite paternal and if Chester sleeps for too long, Blaine will go up and give him a nudge. Chester is great at bringing a ball back, sticks and loves carrying in his mouth whilst on a walk. He is now the proud owner of about fifty teddies and carries them all over the flat- he keeps moving my shoes, socks and slippers about the place, so he has his own toy box now! Anyway, he is adorable, and like you said, very respectful of older dogs, always stands back to let Blaine leave the house first.  He loves children and again, very aware that he mustn’t jump and is extra gentle. He is turning out to be very bright,

getting instruction almost immediately, he is fine being left with Blaine, he has a couple of barks and settles down.  My dog walker said when she comes round at lunch-time, he is always asleep on one of the sofa’s.  I absolutely adore him.”

From Siete’s Mum