“My name is Dream, I am a yellow Lab , 2 and a half years old. This is my story.

I was taken from my 1st home after I lost my puppies , I was no longer wanted. I travelled miles to Lizzies Barn along with Bonzo where we were taken care of for a few weeks . I wondered what would become of me ?

On the 13th of February 2010 two people came to see me, they took me for a walk and said how lovely I was . I was introduced to their Jack Russell who eyed me suspiciously. The couple told me they were my new mum and dad and took me on a long journey. We stopped a few times on the way back to spend a penny but I was too shy and by the time we were nearly to my new home I had an accident in the car but was told not to worry, we will soon clear that up !

I gingerly looked around my new home  and was wary of Toffee the Jack Russell who had a few growls at me, but we are the best of friends now. I was a little bit unsettled that first night even tho I had a nice new bed. The next day we went to go out but I didn’t like the back of the car when the back was shut down but my mum had lots of patience with me showing me nothing would hurt me, now i jump in without a care. My mum and dad took me to Dog classes, which I enjoyed and they said I was the best one for obedience, I was taught how to sit,stay, wait, a down and to come when called which was all made fun to do. I didn’t know what to do with a ball but now have lots of fun with it. As the weeks passed I found my paws and went back to being a Big puppy .I love helping mum dig the garden, and taking the washing off the line. I like to sample mum’s cooking  , especially the roast chicken when no-one was looking ! and she makes a mean ham sandwich !! We went to visit Mum’s mum , I explored all around and to my delight I found a flat sheep (rug) which I proceeded to attack and I won . I didn’t think they were cross because of all the laughter. I soon made lots of new friends, firstly Robbie and his owner then Mac and Ted, all of them Westies, I had to be behaved as they were older and smaller than me, sadly little Robbie has passed away but his owner still comes to see us on the Common. I have lots of other friends but my special mate is Meg , a 2 year old Black Lab. We go for long walks and love to chase each other. I have been to the beach a few times , at first I was unsure of the water but I am getting braver each time we go. Bonzo and I were so lucky to go to good homes and he’s not too far away so maybe we’ll meet again one day .

I have certainly found my Dream home.”

from Dream (with some help from her mum and Dad)