Good Morning

What a gorgeous face to wake up to, telling me it’s breakfast time. We are letting his food go down, while the dew dries off the tent a bit & we shall pack up & begin walking again. We both slept really well, a bit chilly around 4 am, but I donned. Extra clothes & Syd had my jacket as a blanket – he wasn’t cold, but made me feel better. My rucksack carrying muscles are,a little stiff, so will be a slow start I expect.
Today’s big challenge ie to find somewhere to charge this phone, I seem to.have forgotten my battery back up & the solar, charger didn’t work, perhaps I need it plugged in to the phone while the sun’s out, not overnight ad I did last night,

One thought on “Good Morning”

  1. I think it’s such a wonderful journey you are embarking on,which I ‘m sure will be full of memorable adventures and experiences.You will be warmly welcomed once you get to France,as the French have a tradition of aiding those on long distance walks.There are hundreds of long distance hiking routes crisscrossing France.Most villages have Municipal campgrounds that are free up until the end of June.Be sure to treat Syd with an anti tick treatment(frontline)as there are so many ticks here in the Spring and Summer.Beware Vipers too !! They’re rare though.
    I will be following your progress.
    Have a great journey,and take care,
    Julian x

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