“When we first saw Manny, I was taken away by how gorgeous he looked when I was first to enter the enclosure to the yard, he jumped up and licked my hand and I knew we’d  get along well, when we went in to the enclosure and saw him and he was afraid, it  made me want to just pick him up and cuddle him forever. And now, that’s all we do! He’s left his mark on our home, allowed ALL OVER the place 24/7, he loves having  cuddles on the sofa or in bed and he loves to play, though he’s still a little rusty. He’s just like any other member of the family and is well integrated in our lives. Being an only child I’ve always found comfort in having a dog and Manny really is an amazing, now big, brother.

He’s now clicking onto our emotions, so if we’re ill or sad he’ll come over nestle into us and give us little kisses to show he’s there for us.  He has his little quirks, he limps around the house if we aren’t giving him enough attention, he walks through our legs, well barges through them if we’re standing up, he has conversations’ with us if he wants something, mainly to go out to the loo, unlike our past dogs, he has to have somebody go down into the garden with him.  Every time we go to ASDA we have  to buy him a toy or chew, we walk through e door and he bounds to great us and then searches through the bags till he finds his treat. He loves coming to wake me up in the morning when Mum or Dad open the door, he bounds into my room (as long  as his bed is brought in as he HATES laminate flooring, I’m now re-decorating to have carpet to suit him), and leaps onto my bed to give me kisses to wake me up, no matter what. I don’t know what it would be like without Manny now, he’s just changed everything, for the better of course, but I could never ask for anything more than Manny.”hat time of day it is!

From Rhiannon – Manny’s sister


“We decided to get a new dog and we all decided that a rescue was the way ahead.

We contacted Lizzie’s after seeing Manny on their website, On meeting Manny for the first time he appeared very timid in new company but having heard his history from Fionna we quickly understood why! His first night was spent downstairs with us alll  worrying that he was ok the next night his handsome brown head appeared in our bedroom and that was that. Manny had found his feet and placed them firmly under the table or should I say on the bed, his own bed is now a permanent fixture at the base of our bed.

As Rhiannon has said he has the full run of the house and furniture. Unlike most Labs Manny has a very delicate digestive system and care has to be taken with treats etc. He adores cheese and can hear the packet being taken out of the fridge even if he is outside, his other love is when Jo dries her hair he tries to upend  her from the chair to catch the warm breeze oh by the way he hates the Hoover with a passion. Wherever we go with Manny people we meet comment on his handsome face and gloriously glossy coat and say it must take some looking after we of course say yes (but in reality we brush him twice a year iif that). Manny is still very unsure of other dogs and tends to run away on sight apart from his favourite park friend Bambi a tiny  lurcher bitch who runs him ragged. All in all Manny is a delightful companion and  a valued member of the family.”

From Andy – Manny’s Dad”

Manny’s first day with us was very quiet. He wouldn’t go out the garden on his own one of us had to go with him. To this day we have to go out with him it’s the only way he stays happy to be outside. After the first week Manny wasn’t quiet anymore. His personality started coming out, slowly but surely his quirkiness was well and  truly on show. Manny loves to meet me up the road when I come home from work, he loves to carry  the paper back home, or try to carry my bags but they are to heavy. I then have to  hurry to go up the park, after he has helped me to unpack the bags. The best thing  is where ever you are in the house Manny is always with you upstairs or down.. Manny has been with us for two years now and I can’t ever imagine life before he came to us. He gives all his love every minute of the day and we can only give it right back in abundance. He lights up our lives even on the bad weather days and we cant walk so far on our walks. Basically we love him to bits.”

From Jo  Manny’s Mum