“Rusty has been with us a few months now and has settled in and behaves as if she’s

been here forever.She now weighs almost 12kgs, her coat is glossy and she loves being brushed.

She sleeps on my bed and doesn’t budge all night. As she is profoundly deaf, I have

to give her a nudge in the morning to wake

She will only eat fresh raw meat (chicken, rabbit, lamb or beef)with either cooked

rice or pasta, and loves scrambled eggs, but I have to blend in the veg and fruit

otherwise she puts them aside and won’t eat them. As her sight is not very good, she now wears a little bell on her collar so that I know where she is at all times. She’s very bossy towards my Kate who ignores her totally. She runs around the garden with the others and it’s hard to believe she is very old. My vet reckons she’s at least 17 years of age.

I’m sending you a photo of where she particularly likes to snooze. Funny position, but she’s fast asleep.”

from Rusty’s mum