It all began when we adopted Ted last October a 3 month old Saluki, I wanted a boy to join our family of a 14 year old cross breed rescue that came for the weekend in 1996, she looked so frightened and yet trusted me to clean her wound and give her antibiotics (which was why I was asked to look after her for the weekend) that I could not bare to part with her. I also have a 3 year old collie that is ex-farm and has some issues to say the least however with training, time and love she has blossomed and will be a well adjusted dog one day, I know in my heart she will. My collie Daphne gets a lot of confidence from her older sister Wincey and I was worried if we lost Wincey that Daphne’s issues would return and as Daphne gets on very well with our trainers big handsome collie called Diesel it was decided we would get a boy. Enter Ted who is loving, cuddly and full of mischief.  He has passed his puppy course and is currently working towards his Kennel Club Good Citizen award at bronze level however as this involves staying in one spot for 1 minute we are not ready to take the test just yet. His passion in life is to run, we call it laps as he runs in large circles no matter where he is. He enjoys running on the beach and will follow his friends into the sea – they are running after a toy but as Ted does not have the patience to retrieve yet he just follows the crowd! I did not think there was an end to Daphne’s energy however when she tries with little success to run after Ted she does eventually have to lie down. Ted of course knows she cannot catch him so he lets her get close and then jumps over her, very frustrating for her but she seems to love it. I would encourage anyone to adopt a dog however you must be prepared, between the fun we have had the usual puppy/adolescent behaviour such as tearing up numerous dog beds and blankets, chewing rugs and shoes, digging up plants, bending crate walls to escape and ripping up leather car seats to name but a few. If you have the necessary time, patience and funds to adopt and care for one of the lovely dogs on this website I say don’t hesitate because the rewards will be immeasurable.”