Zuzu is a fabulous girl, you wont find another like her. She is however a ‘Low Rider’  (a big dog on little legs). We have no idea of her parentage, she is clearly a true ‘Heinz 507’

Zuzu is approximately 3 years old. She is a lovely girl, loves attention, and absolutely adores being a part of what ever you are doing.

Zuzu eyes

Zuzu has amazing eyes, they are so warm and honest,  and reach right into your soul when she gazes at you lovingly. She is one of the cleverest dogs I have met and is a problem solver. She will need at fence of at least 6ft tall, and no objects stood against it. While Zuzu is very adept at conquering obstacles, and exploiting the unexpected, she tends to do so mostly to reach you if she feels she is missing out. But on one occasion I watched her find a small gap in the fence, made by a destructive Spaniel- but that’s another story,  and went to play with the ponies, returning when finished.

She has been  clean indoors, and has not been destructive. She travels well in the van and loves her walks.

Zuzu is a strong character and has clashed with a couple of similarly strong minded  bitches, so is best with the boys if living with other dogs.

Zuzu is at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly,  you will need to travel to meet / adopt her,  after our vetting procedures are completed satisfactorily.

If you are interested in adopting this lovely girl please email us & we will send you our pre adoption questionnaire