Scrappy is a lovable little rogue, with so much character.

Believed to be a mix of Fox  / Lakeland / Patterdale Terrier

.Scrappy was 3 years old  in October.

He came in with Scooby, they have not had the best of lives, their owner had mental health problems & took against them, screaming & shouting at them every time she could see them. They then spent a few months home alone, with various family members popping in to look after them. Finally coming to us when it became clear their owner was not getting any better.


Scrappy is very territorial and is suspicious of & cautious with new people, particularly on his home ground. He will bark ferociously  at strangers who visit the home, but regular visitors will be warmly welcomed. It doesn’t take long for him to make friends with people who are don’t push the issue & are patient, calm and gentle. Both, he does love to sit on a warm lap , but that’s mostly after a good walk.He is very clever, & learns quickly,  but also very true to the Terrier type, so we would not home him with any small furies or cats in the household. He is house trained, walks on a lead, has a typical terrier recall off lead. Travels well in the van or car. He adores his  walks, &  exploring & sniffing as only terriers do. He will need regular exercise to keep him healthy, happy & contented. He has got along very well with the other dogs at the Sanctuary, of all shapes & sizes, but is very much a terrier & if there is a scrap going he wants to be involved. 

We are looking for kind owner(s), who have oodles of love to give & the  patience to continue to build his confidence in  new people. Although  very good with the grandchildren, we are looking for adult only homes.


Scrappy is living with Mick, in the farmhouse, at the a Sanctuary near Kidwelly & you will need to travel to meet/ adopt this little rascal after our vetting procedures are completed satisfactorily.

If you are interested in adopting Scrappy please email us and we will send you our pre-adoption questionnaire.