Jacko is a very handsome mixed breed boy who came   over from Romania to find a home.



Sadly his adoptive owner became ill & he finds   himself needing a home again..,Jacko loves human   attention, and is very determined to be noticed & gain   his share of any attention going He would be best in   adult home, or one with teenagers, as he gets very   very excited when playing, and could be too   boisterous for small children.  Jacko is good with   other dogs, & would be happy in a multi dog home.




We don’t know what experience he has with cats. He   spent his early ‘puppy hood’ on the streets of   Romania, & then living in kennels. Once adopted over   here he lived in a rural home, where he had very few   rules to live by. Hence  we feel he would benefit   from training classes

He is at the a Sanctuary near Kidwelly & you will need to travel to meet/ adopt him after our vetting procedures are completed satisfactorily.

If you are interested in Jacko please email us and we will send you our pre-adoption questionnaire.