“Jasper came to me as a foster dog and slotted right in with my dogs. He is a joy  to have around, obedient, gentle and very loyal. He is very good with all other dogs,  no matter what size or age. While he stayed with us he learnt how to be a dog and started playing with my dogs.

Jasper came with some food guarding issues, but we have worked on that and made good progress. As he is such a lovely dog we decided to keep him. My children adore him and vice versa. He recently started Agility training and really seems to enjoy it. It is a joy to work with him as he is so focused and tries so hard to get it right. Jasper is a lovely boy inside and out and we are very happy to have him with us 🙂  And he has turned into a very happy dog now 🙂 ”

from Jasper’s Mum