12th April

Had an uneventful night night in a copse just off the cycle track, listened to the most amazing animal sounds ( while Syd snored).

Met the lovely Sue Davey who restocked Syd & i with supplies, and then gave us a lift a few miles, to miss out a rather nasty onroad stretch. So having cheated on that stretch, we are at least alive & not under a set of wheels! We walked through the park in Pontypridd. I rather liked the man & dog sculpture. Took a road bridge over a nasty road main – a new experience for Syd, past another park, & are heading for Caerphilly ( about 6 miles I believe). From there we shall continue on the ncn 4 to chepstow

Mmmmm posted a bit too soon on how well today was going,  but with dodgy path signs, causing a large diversion & grand tour of Pontypridd it began to feel like groundhog day, fortunately we escaped, with both our senses of humour intact.

However to the father of the young lad of maybe 6 years old, from the homeless guy & his dog, (an almost totally white Boxer/ Mastiff),
Syd & myself.

“Instead of taking the opportunity to teach your son a lesson in respect, & compassion to others. In choosing to encourage your little darling to set off his ‘cap’ gun repeatedly & close to both dogs, you chose to teach him that it doesn’t matter, that one’s own actions have no consequences to others. It is downright wicked, totally thoughtless & cruel to make such explosions near to dogs. Let alone the elderly lady who almost fell over in fright – I doubt you even saw her.

You may also be interested to hear that by condoning such behaviour you have increased the likihood of your son behaving inappropriately with / around amimals in the future- the result is he is more likely to be bitten as a direct result of his actions.

Fortunately both dogs were unconcerned, but many would be at best startled & at worst very very afraid.

Syd & i think this is much more like it.

A few more shots from today. Tonight we have a bed, courtesy if the lovely Hannah, & Sue Davey or arranging it.

Hannah has given me a much nicer route to Newport, along side the canal, for tomorrow as well.