13th May

Well more adventures en route,
I mentioned we walked a few days with a pilgrim & her donkey. Well in Parthenay we had to walk through a doorway in the city wall into a monestry courtyard (now part museum). Well the donkey didn’t fit!  She got stuck, her panniers were just too wide. Caused no end of hilarity getting her free, unloading & repacking the other side.
But it was the very elderly Nun who came out that got my admiration, a little boy of i guess 4 years old was trying to tease Syd & the Donkey, by making silly noises at them very close to their faces. She gave him hell. Even funnier was her great big black biker boots sticking out from under her habit.

Today we are back on our own, having gone our separate ways. Syd & his friend will miss each other


Now just leaving Chamdeniers-st-dennis. Syd & i are now changing our route for a more direct one. Blow walking an extra 60km for the fun of it!
So we are heading for St-Maixen-l’Ecole, I hope to find a camping spot around there.
Then we head for
La Mothe-St-heray, 

That will do for now, but any.expats out there with a spare room for a night. Or who can help chargingbthe phone, with picking up dog food please get in touch my mobile no is:- 07976538588
text is best & will call back