14th April

wpid-dsc_0136.jpgA HUGE thank you to Dot & the staff at the New Inn Motel Chepstow Rd, Langstone, Gwent.

Thanks so much for your hospitality. We had a wonderful meal & a sumptuous night.

SYD & I can’t recommend these Guys enough.
Another beautiful day for walking, shame so much on the road today.
Here are some pictures from today. Roman remains in what is now Caerwent, and my beautiful Syd posing on a patch of daffodils in some poor unsuspecting folks communal garden ( not one daffodil was harmed in the taking of this photo)

Seems I accidently turned the tracker off. Syd finds the road walking very tiring, the pace is slower, the cars, vans & lorries make horrible noises & smells, dogs leap at fences, or run.out shouting at us, there are monsters in.the gutters & verges who.eat you up, And even worse than all that NO.DUCKS!!

Tomorrow once over the bridge we get back to more interesting routes. We follow ncn 4, and incorporating the Bristol & Bath Railway Path to Bath. Not sure how far we will get till we get there!

We have stopped in. Chepstow for the night, thank you very much Lisa & Phil for your lovely hospitality.