22nd May

I am absolutely gutted that I’ve had to suspend our walk. I have had some incredible adventures on the road & they have continued in our quest to get back to Wales.
Thanks to some absolutely amazing people, opening their homes to us, & really going the extra mile,  we have seen bits of France we didn’t expect to.
Syd & i have now got back to Le Horps, Normandy. Thankyou Anne, Chris. Tilly, Lottie, Vee & Yoda, Syd is missing racing around with you guys! Thankyou Also John, Sandy, Jilly, Sissy, Fred, Amy, Molly & the other 25 cats, it was lovely to meet you, we really appreciate your support.

Thanks Andrew for coming to meet us & to you & Jane putting up with us staying again!

Thanks to Kathleen who has arranged for us to see her Vet on Saturday – who will sort out Syd’s passport ( hopefully)
That will leave two hurdles between us & the Sanctuary -the English channel & a few hundred miles the otherside!
So we are getting there.

2 thoughts on “22nd May”

  1. It was a huge pleasure meeting you and Syd and the gang are missing you. It is such a shame that you haven’t managed to finish your epic journey, but I’m sure you will be back on your way again in the near future. Keep up all the good work you do and keep us all inspired. xxxx

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