6th May

We had a difficult couple of days. Got lost having been sent off down the wrong side of the river. Ran down the phone battery looking at maps to create an alternate route, and ended up doing an extra 15 miles or so to get back to the river without walking along any major roads. Got our first blisters too. But we did it!

Then couldn’t find anywhere to charge the phone so we’re incommunicado, causing a few worries to those at home, sorry about that.
Knowing there was a lock ahead with a restaurant I decided we would eat there – however the Frebch waitress. Informed us at 2:10 that they had finished!  ok fair enough. Can I just buy a drink?
Yes she said go & sit overthere & i will come for your order. – An hour later we were still waiting, Sitting in the sun wasn’t so bad, but I decided to go & remind Her- I was told again to go & wait. After another half hour I left passed off, I now wouldn’t reach the next lock( which had electricity & might charge my phone in time). I don’t think the ‘witch’ ( that’s the polite version), liked dogs/English /hikers. Oh well another 24 hours until i could charge the phone. But if that’s my only worry, well life must be good.

Shortly after that I met Alec & Kate, who had been farming in the area for 20years. Now retired they kindly took us home. Fed us. Put us up over night, took us to buy dog food for Syd, to add to the chops Kate had cooked for him. Then set us back on the river.

Syd & i had a lovely birthday picnic, sat by a lock under some beautiful flowering chestnut trees in glorious sunshine.

We finished the day meeting Diane, a friends cousin & going back to her house for a night in the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. Thankyou Diane, Andy, Furlong & Lucy, the cats, and of course the 3 bold chickens.

Life is good.