“What a difference a puppy makes ….

We saw the photos of the 8 puppies on the Internet, and it was the one on the far left with the little goatee and a thin face that caught my eye. When we turned up to collect the puppy, just three remained and Abi  was an easy choice, she was cute, lively and we fell for her at once not realising until a few days later that she was the one that had caught my eye from the photo. She was brilliant from the very start she travelled well, was toilet trained (2 accidents in 3 months), was crate trained and socialised easily with other dogs and people. After a few weeks we took her to puppy training and she was the star of the class,  learning quickly and taking everything in her stride. She’s 6 months now, dog training has just started and again she’s keen to learn.It’s hard work, as we must be consistent and practice regularly but it’s so worth it – I’ve even lost weight with the extra exercise I’m getting..We are proud to be her owners and are looking forward to many years of long walks and fun. Thank you Fionna (and team) for all that you did for her and for introducing her to us.””

Where to start, how do you put into words the infinite love and joy a dog brings into your life?

From Abi’s mum