“We adopted Petal from Lizzie’s Barn only 6 days ago.  Everyone was really helpful

and communicative in making sure we would offer her the right home for the rest of

her life, and that she would be a good fit for us. She was fit and healthy when we picked her up, and had already been spayed and chipped, so everything was made easy.  She travelled very well all the way home (5 hours) in the car with her new pack mate Fred, and they have already bonded well (even though Fred thinks she should have been named Bossy Boots!).  She is a really affectionate dog and a pleasure to greet in the mornings.  We’ve already started clicker training and she is quick and responsive. She’s also really interested in Fred’s agility sessions, so it won’t be long before she and I join the beginners class again.  The only argument Petal and I are having at the moment is that she thinks bones should be eaten indoors, and I don’t! We’re looking forward to many years of great company and lots of long, companionable walks.

Thanks again for putting your faith in a great little dog!”

From Ingrid’s Mum